Banff, Canada, May 29 - June 1, 2016

Co-located with CORS 2016



Banff, Canada , 29 May — 1 June 2016


Registration to CPAIOR 2016 includes the Master Class on Decomposition Methods, to be held on Sunday May 29. Please be sure to make your arrangements accordingly as the Master Class is open to all CPAIOR 2016 participants!

In addition, CORS conference attendees have the option to enhance their conference experience by registering for the Master Class. The Master Class is offered on Sunday, May 29, 2016, if you are a CORS conference attendee, and would like to add this program to your registration. Click here for more information.

The Program of the Master Class includes tutorials by some of the best experts on Decomposition Methods in CP/OR: Chris Beck, Jean-François Cordeau, Bernard Gendron, John Hooker, Louis-Martin Rousseau and Willem-Jan van Hoeve.

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Classical Benders Decomposition, Jean-François Cordeau

Logic-based Benders decomposition: Tutorial, John Hooker

Hybrid CP/MIP and Benders Decomposition Methods, Christopher Beck

Lagrangian Relaxation in MIP, Bernard Gendron

Lagrangian Relaxation in Constraint Programming, Willem-Jan van Hoeve

Column Generation, Louis-Martin Rousseau