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Practical information and tips before your visit to Morocco


You should get receipts for most of your transactions. However, be aware that taxis will not be able to provide receipts. 


Please note that most payments are done using cash in Morocco. It is very difficult to cash traveler's checks or use credit cards. Make sure you have small bank notes. You may use the following link (Frommers) to learn more about what to expect.



There are several ways to travel from the airports. If you land in Casablanca, please see the following information (all prices are in MAD).

From casablanca airport CMN to the train station Casa voyageur (to take the fast train to Tangier):
Train 50

every hour

- https://www.oncf-voyages.ma
Taxi 300

at all time

max 4 pax  
From the train station Casa voyageur to Tangier
Fast train (TGV)

 Between 149 to 224 (2nd class)

every 2 hours - https://www.oncf-voyages.ma
 From casablanca airport CMN to Tangier
Private car 1800

at all time

max 4 pax  
Minibus 4560

at all time

max 13 pax