International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management

May 13-15

Montreal, Canada

, 13 — 15 May 2009

Instructions to authors

Authors are invited to submit papers electronically through our online submission system (submit here). Submissions should be in PDF format. Submission to IESM implies that the paper is not, and has not been, submitted to any other journal.  

Full manuscript Format

  • Authors are requested to provide a full paper of 10 pages maximum. This is only valid for authors who submit a "regular" paper for the conference or a paper for a track. This is also valid for students who whish their paper to be considered in the competition (see awards).
  • Titles, both of the article itself and of the sections, should be brief and specific. No abbreviations should be used in the title.
  • Manuscript should not contain names and affiliations of authors (blind referee).
  • The Keywords must be included and at least the first one should be selected from this list. Some keywords from outside the list may be added but the total number of keywords should not exceed five.
  • The abstract should accompany every article immediately preceding the Keywords. It should be self-contained and understandable by the general reader outside the context of the article. It should be free from formulae, specialized jargon, acronyms and references. It should be specific and between 100 and 200 words of length.
  • The Sections should be decimally numbered. Titles should be specific, except "Introduction", "Abstract" and "Conclusions". The Paragraphs should be indented in the manuscript to avoid ambiguities when a line ends at the right margin. The Tables hardly ever need vertical lines. They should be numbered consecutively and have a self-explanatory title. The Figures and Photographs should be numbered consecutively and have a self-explanatory caption. The placement of the tables, figures and photographs may be either in the text closest to their first mention or segregated till the end of the paper in that order: tables first, figures next, and finally photographs.
  • Mathematical Expressions and Formulas should normally be displayed on a separate line and numbered, if referred to, in parentheses on the right.
  • References should only be made to literature with which there is a direct and important interface. All references should adhere to the format provided in the examples [Word template, Latex template]  for a paper in a journal, for a book, for a contributed paper in a volume and for an unpublished but obtainable paper or archival thesis and dissertation, respectively.
  • Authors are encouraged to avoid excessive use of footnotes. Short notes should be incorporated in the text in parentheses or square brackets; lengthy notes may be presented as appendices.
  • The full manuscript should be submitted in accordance with the template format [Word template, Latex template].
  • The paper pages should not be numbered.

Poster format 

  • The authors who submit for poster presentations should submit a poster of maximum 3 pages according to the format instructions (see above).