VIIIth ANNUAL CONFERENCE, JUNE 18-20, 2008, Université de Montréal, MONTRÉAL

, 18 — 20 June 2008


Complete list of abstracts


Wednesday, June 18

Agora  - 10:00 Registration

S1-151 - 13:30-14:00   Welcome address

S1-151 - 14:00-15:00   Plenary session (academic)

                                      Chairperson : Forthcoming

                                      Revenue Management and Pricing under Significant Common Costs

                                     Marcel Boyer, Université de Montréal et Institut économique de Montréal

Agora  - 15:00   Coffee break

15:30-17:30  TRACK I

S1-125 - Session I.1: GAME THEORY I

Chairperson: Dan Zhang

Competition and Fare Class Allocation: Analysis of the Multi-Airline Problem
Gao, Huina, University of Maryland
Ball, Michael, University of Maryland
Karaesmen, Itir, University of Maryland

Joint Memory-Dependent Pricing, Innovation, and Product Introduction Strategies
Arslan, Hasan, Sawyer Business School, Suffolk University
Kachani, Soulaymane, IEOR Department, Columbia University
Shmatov, Kyrylo, APAM Department, Columbia University

Generalized Nash Games and their Applications in Pricing
Jiang, Houyuan, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
Levin, Yuri, School of Business, Queen's University
Levina, Tatsiana, School of Busines, Queen's University
McGill, Jeff, School of Business, Queen's University
Nediak, Mikhail, School of Business, Queen's University

Dynamic Revenue Management in Competitive Environments
Zhang, Dan, McGill University

S1-131 - Session I.2: AIRLINES I

Chairperson: Huseyin Topaloglu

Applying Support Vector Machine to Passenger Name Record Based Cancellation Forecasting for Revenue Management
Romero Morales, Dolores, Said Business School, University of Oxford
Wang, Jingbo, Said Business School, University of Oxford

Stochastic Approximation for Capacity Allocation on a Single Flight Leg
Topaloglu, Huseyin, Cornell University
Kunnumkal, Sumit, Indian School of Business

Internet Penetration and Capacity Utilization in the US Airline Industry
Dana, James, Northeastern University
Orlov, Eugene, Compass Lexecon

Saving Seats for Strategic Customers
Lariviere, Martin, Northwestern University
Cil, Eren, Northwestern University

S1-139 - Session I.3: CUSTOMER CHOICE I

Chairperson: Gustavo Vulcano

Revenue and Response Time Management for Queueing Systems with Customer Choice
Afeche, Philipp, Rotman School of Management; University of Toronto
Pavlin, Michael, Rotman School of Management; University of Toronto

On "Buy Up" as a Model of Customer Choice
Li, Le, University of Minnesota
Cooper, William, University of Minnesota

On the Value of Psychological Elation and Disappointment Effects on Capacity and Pricing Decisions
Liu, Qian, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Shum, Stephen, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Selling with Reservations in the Presence of Strategic Consumers
Osadchiy, Nikolay, New York University
Vulcano, Gustavo, New York University

Agora - 17:30-19:30  COCKTAIL

Thursday, June 19

Agora - 07:30-08:30  Breakfast

08:30-10:00  TRACK II


Chairperson: Géraldine Heilporn

Dynamic Programming Decomposition Methods for Joint Capacity Allocation and Overbooking in Network Revenue Management
Erdelyi, Alexander, Cornell University
Topaloglu, Huseyin, Cornell University

Optimal Dynamic Promotion and the Knapsack Problem for Perishable Items
Jacko, Peter, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Department of Statistics

Near-Optimal Protection Level Policies for the Capacity Allocation Problem
Lee, Thiam, IEOR Department, Columbia University
Huh, Tim, IEOR Department, Columbia University
Levi, Retsef, Sloan School of Management and Operations Research Center, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Polyhedral Study of the Network Pricing Problem with Connected Toll Arcs
Heilporn, Géraldine, Université de Montréal, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Labbé, Martine, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Marcotte, Patrice, Université de Montréal
Savard, Gilles, École Polytechnique de Montréal

S1-131Session II.2: INDUSTRY I

Chairperson: Gilles Savard

Improving Pricing Performance
Oosten, Maarten, PROS

A New Revenue Optimization Tool for High-Speed Railways
Côté, Jean-Philippe, ExPretio
Riss, Marianne, SNCF
Savard, Gilles, École Polytechnique de Montréal
Robbe, Nicolas, Thalys


Chairperson: Mikhail Nediak

Dynamic Pricing in a Market with Strategic Customers
Bansal, Matulya, Columbia Business School
Maglaras, Costis, Columbia Business School

On Pricing in a Non-Stationary Environment: Complexity Characterization and Optimal Policies
Besbes, Omar, The Wharton School
Zeevi, Assaf, Columbia University, Graduate School of Business

Competitive Dynamic Pricing with Guarantees in the Presence of Strategic Consumers
Aviv, Yossi, The John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University
Levin, Yuri, School of Business, Queen's University
Nediak, Mikhail, School of Business, Queen's University

Agora - 10:00   Coffee break

10:30-12:00  TRACK III

S1-125Session III.1: GAME THEORY II

Chairperson: Robert Shumsky

The Anarchy of Price Competition
Farahat, Amr, Cornell University
Perakis, Georgia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dynamic Oligopoly: Cournot Equilibrium in Exhaustible Resource Markets
Pang, Zhan (James), University of Calgary

Revenue Management with Price Bargaining
Bhandari, Atul, University of Pittsburgh
Secomandi, Nicola, Carnegie Mellon University

Managing Revenues in Alliances Under Incomplete Information
Wright, Christopher, Simon School, University of Rochester
Groenevelt, Harry, Simon School, University of Rochester
Shumsky, Robert, Tuck School at Dartmouth

S1-131Session III.2: INDUSTRY II

Chairperson: Darius Walczak

Introduction to Data Normalization
Quillinan, John, Walt Disney World

Choice Models and the Marginal Revenue Data Transformation
Walczak, Darius, PROS Revenue Management
Mardan, Setareh, PROS Revenue Management
Kallesen, Royce, PROS Revenue Management


Chairperson: Georgia Perakis

Integrated Inventory Allocation and Markdown Pricing at Multiple Stores
Chen, Ming, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park
Chen, Zhi-Long, Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland, College Park
Pundoor, Guruprasad, ILOG

A Model of Dynamic Pricing with Strategic Customers and An Information Provider
Yang, Song, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
Birge, John, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business

Dynamic Pricing Using Scenario Based Optimization
Lobel, Ruben, MIT
Perakis, Georgia, MIT

Agora  - 12:00-13:30  Lunch

S1-151 - 13:30-14:30  Plenary session (industry)

                                   Chairperson: Marianne Riss, SNCF

                                   Michel Leboeuf, SNCF

Agora  - 14:30   Coffee break

15:00-16:30  TRACK IV

S1-125 - Session IV.1: CONGESTED SYSTEMS

Chairperson: Nicolas Stier-Moses

Pricing Services Subject to Congestion: Sell Subscriptions or Charge a Per-Use Fee?
Cachon, Gerard , The Wharton School
Feldman, Pnina, The Wharton School

Enabling State Dependent Priority Service By Using Pricing Mechanisms That Encourage Customers to Jump The Queue
Giloni, Avi, Sy Syms School of Business, Yeshiva University
Troy, Phil, Les Entreprises TROYWARE

Pricing with Markups in Competitive Markets with Congestion
Correa, Jose, U. Adolfo Ibanez
Stier-Moses, Nicolas, U. Columbia


Chairperson: Mikhail Nediak

Carrier-Forwarder Contracts in the Air Cargo Industry
Gupta, Diwakar, University of Minnesota

Freight Transportation Contracting Under Uncertainty: A Real Options Approach
Tsai, Mei-Ting, University of California, Irvine
Regan, Amelia, University of California, Irvine
Saphores, Jean-Daniel, University of California, Irvine

Cargo Revenue Management with Allotments and Spot Market Demand
Levin, Yuri, School of Business, Queen's University
Nediak, Mikhail, School of Business, Queen's University
Topaloglu, Huseyin, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University


Chairperson: Houyuan Jiang

Optimal Prices and Advertising Expenditure with Inventory Constraints
Rasmussen, Henning, Dept of Applied mathematics, University of Western Ontario
MacDonald, Leo, Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University

Dynamic Pricing of Perishable Goods for a Monopoly and a Duopoly in the Presence of Strategic Consumers
Mantin, Benny, University of Waterloo
Granot, Daniel, University of British Columbia

Dynamic Capacity Allocation and Pricing under Competition
Jiang, Houyuan, University of Cambridge
Levin, Yuri, Queen's University
Nediak, Mikhail, Queen's University

17:30-22:00  Cocktail, museum visit and banquet

Friday, June 20

Agora - 08:00-09:00  Breakfast

09:00-10:30  TRACK V


Chairperson: Guillaume Roels

Revenue Management of the Risk-Averse Newsboy with Atemporal Untity
Li, Michael Z.F., Nanyang Technological University
Zhuang, Weifen, Nanyang Technological University

Irrevocable Dynamic Assortment Strategies
Farias, Vivek, MIT Sloan and ORC
Madan, Ritesh, Qualcomm-Flarion Technologies

Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Network Revenue Management with Customer Choice and Concave Approximation of the Value Function
Strauss, Arne Karsten, Lancaster University Management School
Meissner, Joern, Lancaster University Management School

A Riskless Price Heuristic for the Newsvendor
Roels, Guillaume, UCLA

S1-131Session V.2: PRICING

Chairperson: Guillermo Gallego

Optimal Timing of Price-Quote Revisions
Sousa Lobo, Miguel, Duke University

Pricing Access Services and Warranties
Gallego, Guillermo, Columbia University
Sahin, Ozge, University of Michigan

Upgrades, Upsells and Pricing in Revenue Management
Gallego, Guillermo, Columbia Univesity
Stefanescu, Catalina, London Business School


Chairperson: James Dana

Dynamic Assortment Optimization with a Multinomial Logit Choice Model and Capacity Constraint
Rusmevichientong, Paat, Cornell University
Shen, Max, University of California-Berkeley
Shmoys, David, Cornell University

Network design under a discrete choice: a bilevel programming approach
Gilbert, François, Université de Montréal
Marcotte, Patrice , Université de Montréal
Gilles, Savard, École polytechnique de Montréal

Seat Value Measures for Theaters and Stadiums
Veeraraghavan, Senthil, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Vaidyanathan, Ramnath, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Revenue Management by Sequential Screening
Akan, Mustafa , Northwestern University
Ata, Baris, Northwestern University
Dana, James, Northeastern University & HBS

Agora - 10:30  Coffee break

11:00-12:30  TRACK VI

S1-111Session VI.1: STATISTICS I

Chairperson: Garrett van Ryzin

When to buy a ticket
Lee, Misuk, Georgia Institute of Technology
Castillo, Marco, Georgia Institute of Technology
Garrow, Laurie, Georgia Institute of Technology

Estimating Primary Demand for Substitutable Products from Sales Transaction Data
van Ryzin, Garrett, Columbia University
Vulcano, Gustavo, NYU Stern School
Ratliff, Richard, Sabre Holdings 

S1-131Session VI.2: RETAIL

Chairperson: JongWook Lim

Multiple Supplier Competition under Consignment Inventory Programs with Competing Retailers
Hu, Ming, Columbia University

The Calibration of Price Response Function and the Profit Maximization Price Point for Cosmetic Market in China
Lim, JongWook, Samsung OpenTide China
Lee, Yeisun, Samsung OpenTide China
Kwak, Youngsik, Jinju National University


Chairperson: Kinshuk Jerath

Optimal Design of a Name-Your-Own-Price Channel when Customers Behave Strategically
Wilson, John, Ivey School of Business
Zhang, Guoren, Ivey School of Business

Revenue Management with Strategic Customers: Last-Minute Selling and Opaque Selling
Jerath, Kinshuk, Wharton School
Netessine, Serguei, Wharton School
Veeraraghavan, Senthil, Wharton School

Markov-Based Models of Airline Passengers' Searching and Purchasing Behavior
Lee, Misuk, Georgia Institute of Technology
Garrow, Laurie, Georgia Institute of Technology
Post, David, Sigma Zen

Agora - 12:30-14:00  Lunch and address from the board

14:00-15:30  TRACK VII

S1-111Session VII.1: STATISTICS II

Chairperson: Omar Besbes

Modeling the Choice of an Airline Itinerary and Fare Product Using Booking and Seat Availability Data
Carrier, Emmanuel, MIT

Testing the Validity of a Demand Model: An Operations Perspective
Zeevi, Assaf, Columbia University, Graduate School of Business
Phillips, Robert, Nomis Solutions
Besbes, Omar, The Wharton School 

Revenue Management for Online Advertising: Pay-per-Impression and Pay-per-Click Pricing
Fridgeirsdottir, Kristin, London Business School
Najafi Asadolahi, Sami, London Business School

S1-131 - Session VII.2: APPLICATIONS

Chairperson: Weifen Zhuang

Optimal Column Assignment for a Vending Machine
Fukuchi, Junichiro, Gakushuin University
Itoh, Hajime, Otaru University of Commerce
Takeuchi, Toshiko, Gakushuin University

Asymmetric Pricing to Increase MMS Revenue
Samanta, Swadesh Kumar, University of Essex

Optimal Capacity Control for Multiple Medical Diagnostic Facilities
Li, Michael Z.F., Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University
Zhuang, Weifen, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University

S1-139 Session VII.3: INTERNET

Chairperson: Chris Anderson

Service Differentiation in Grid Computing: Analysis of A Shared-Resource System
Yahav, Inbal, University of Maryland
Karaesmen, Itir, University of Maryland
Raschid, Louiqa, University of Maryland

The Impact of the Internet on Airline Fares
Brunger, William, Case Western Reserve

Setting Prices On Priceline
Anderson, Chris, Cornell University

S1-151 - 15:30-16:00  Closing remarks