Integrating Maritime Transport in Value Chains

Montréal, June 10 - 12, 2009

Integrating Maritime Transport in Value Chains

Montréal, 10 — 12 June 2009

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One of the key questions confronting the shipping and port industries as well as public authorities is how to increase the benefits of maritime trade to the companies and institutions directly involved in trade as well as the port city-regions where the transfers take place. In Canada this question is being posed within the contemporary policy framework of developing trade gateways and corridors whose goals are not to maximize traffic volumes, but to generate economic benefits and efficiencies.

The themes include:

  • Adding value to gateway and trade corridor activities;
  • Measuring performance (Capacity allocation, Cargo diversion, Port competitiveness, Inland corridor flows);
  • Reconciling security with efficiency;
  • Enhancing sustainability;
  • Addressing jurisdictional and border issues;
  • Identifying trends in maritime transport (trade routes, markets, investments).


The workshop will include at least one plenary session where we intend to invite industry participation.  A field trip is also being planned.


                                                                      Canadian Organising Committee

  Claude Comtois (Université de Montréal) Robert McCalla (Saint Mary's University)
  Peter Hall (Simon Fraser University) Brian Slack (Concordia University)