Journées de l'optimisation 2014

                             Incluant une Journée industrielle de l'optimisation

                                              HEC Montréal, 5 - 7 mai 2014


HEC Montréal, 5 — 7 mai 2014

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MB1 Exposé magistral 1 / Tutorial 1

5 mai 2014 10h30 – 12h10

Salle: TAL Gestion globale d'actifs

Présidée par Angel Ruiz

1 présentation

  • 10h30 - 11h30

    The Multiple Challenges Within Advanced and Appointment Scheduling

    • Jonathan Patrick, prés., Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa

    Advanced and appointment scheduling problems have largely been treated in the literature as two distinct problems. Advanced scheduling refers to the process of determining the day of service while appointment scheduling refers to determining the sequence and time of service of patients of the day of service. Treating them separately has been accomplished in the advanced scheduling stream by assuming such things as deterministic service times or using crude estimates of overtime costs on the day of service. Within the appointment scheduling literature the number of patients scheduled on a given day (the outcome of the advanced schedule) has largely been assumed to be given. Within these two camps multiple complications (prioritization of patients, cancellations and no-shows, stochastic service times, walk-ins,…) have been addressed in an effort to improve the realism of the models. We look at the successes and remaining challenges of both camps and point to the limitations of treating these two problems separately.