ILS 2012

Québec, Canada, 26 — 29 August 2012

ILS 2012

Québec, Canada, 26 — 29 August 2012

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Industrial Keynote: Dennis Pegden

Aug 28, 2012 01:30 PM – 02:30 PM

Location: VCH-2850

Chaired by Jonathan Gaudreault

1 Presentation

  • 01:30 PM - 02:30 PM

    The Expanding Role of Simulation in an Uncertain World

    • Dennis Pegden, presenter, Simio LLC

    Simulation modeling has become a critical technology for the 21st century. It is widely used by enterprises throughout the world to improve the design and operation of their systems.

    Simulation technology is in a state of rapid change. New advances in computing platforms, software design, and methodology are combining to make the simulation more powerful, easier to use, and useful for an expanding range of applications.

    This presentation will focus on the changes in simulation technology and discuss the impact of these changes on the role and importance of simulation modeling in the design and operation of complex systems. The presentation will provide a historical perspective on the important changes have occurred over time, as well as a look forward into the future of simulation. The presentation will discuss both the traditional application of simulation to evaluate and compare system designs, as well as the new and expanding role in operational planning and scheduling.